Michigan Ex-Governor Faces Criminal Charges For Flint Crisis


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Ex-Michigan Governor Rick Snyder was charged for his involvement in the Flint Water Crisis. Governor Snyder is being accused of "willful neglect." We still don’t know the specifics of these charges because this is is very much still breaking news, but the state of Michigan has charged the ex-Governor, his health director at the time, and other ex officials for their involvement. 

Terror in Flint: 

If you aren't familiar with what happened in Flint, here's a quick overview: Flint officials switched their source water to the Flint River in 2014 as a cost cutting measure. The Flint River was more corrosive than their previous source, Lake Huron. City officials did not appropriately address the issue of corrosive water and its effect on lead pipes. The corrosive water allowed lead to leach into the water system, which poisoned tens of thousands of young children. The source water switch was also responsible for an outbreak of legionnaires disease. Children were so wildly impacted by this crisis that 80% of the money from a $600 million dollar settlement is being awarded to minors. This is because of leads impact on brain development in young children.

Ex-City Officials and Former Governor Are Allegedly Responsible 

The State of Michigan is charging Rick Snyder with "willful neglect." Rick Snyder appointed the city’s emergency manager, who was responsible for switching Flint’s Water supply. Allegedly, two people on Rick Snyder's team expressed concerns about Flint’s water as early as October, 2014 - which was just 6 months after the city switched its source water. Snyder has since denied knowing about the possible water issue this early on. Flint transitioned back to its original source water in October of 2015, but lead levels still remained above the federal action level. It was until January 16 of 2016 when Rick Snyder requested that the federal government declare a state of emergency in Flint, Michigan. So the question becomes, when did Rick Snyder and other city officials know that lead and legionnaires was a problem in this majority black community? 

*This story is still breaking and the details of the charges are unknown. We will keep you updated on our Instagram (@hydroviv_h2o)*

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