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Lincoln, Nebraska Drinking Water Quality

Lincoln, Nebraska Drinking Water Quality

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For Hydroviv’s assessment of Lincoln, Nebraska’s drinking water, we collected water quality test data from Lincoln's annual Consumer Confidence Report and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. We cross referenced Lincoln, NE water quality data with toxicity studies in scientific and medical literature. The water filters that we sell at Hydroviv are optimized to filter out contaminants that are found in Lincoln's drinking water.

How Does Agriculture Effect Drinking Water?

Pesticides, fertilizers and other types of non-point source pollution are common contaminants found in Lincoln drinking water. Because of its location in the midwest, Lincoln is extremely susceptible to contamination from surrounding agricultural runoff. Atrazine as well as nitrates were among the regulated fertilizers detected in Lincoln’s most recent water quality report. Contaminants associated with metal and petrolium refineries such as barium, antimony, and and arsenic were also detected. It's important to mention that Consumer Confidence Reports are only required to mention a handful of agricultural contaminants, and that there are several others used in large-scale agriculture. 

Lead In Lincoln Drinking Water 

Lincoln is an older city, so it’s no surprise that lead contamination is a big problem. Lead enters tap water through old lead service pipes and lead-containing plumbing. 10% of sites tested for lead in Lincoln had concentrations over 4.41 parts per billion. Environmental Protection Agency, Center for Disease Control, and American Academy of Pediatrics all recognize that there is no safe level of lead for children. Additionally, municipalities are only required to test a handful of homes every few years, so the levels reported in Lincoln’s annual water quality report might not reflect the lead levels in your tap water. Lead exposure can cause developmental issues, lowered IQ, and damages to the kidneys and brain.

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