Overwhelmed By Water Filter Choices? Dr. Eric Roy Breaks It Down For You

Choosing the right water filter for your needs can be an overwhelming decision, but Hydroviv Founder and Chief Scientist, Eric Roy, Ph.D. helps break it down for you. 

Why this matters: 

Not all filters are designed to address your needs. Water around the country have different issues, and different filters have different purposes. We want to help you to be fully informed so you can make the correct decision for your needs. 

Undersink Water Filters

What Are They: 
Undersink water filters are stored in the cabinet under your sink, and can either attach directly to your cold water line or to a separate dedicated faucet for filtered water. Undersink filters remove contaminants at the point of use. 


  • The surface area for most undersink water filters, including Hydroviv’s, is large enough to allow for enough contact time with incoming water to allow for sufficient filtration. Hydroviv filters take this a step further. Because contaminants in tap water can vary state by state, and even by zip code, Hydroviv creates custom water filters that are tailored to remove contaminants in your specific tap water.
  • Point of use filters allow you to filter out any contaminants that may be picked up by drinking water as it flows through the pipes. 
  • In most cases installation is fairly standard and straightforward, and should be a fairly simple DIY project. 


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