Introducing the Hydroviv Home Bundle - a comprehensive filtration solution designed to elevate your entire household water experience. This all-inclusive package features our premium line of water filters, ensuring optimal water quality and purity in every corner of your home.

The Hydroviv Home Bundle includes:

Enjoy delicious, crystal-clear drinking water straight from your tap. Our optimized for your zip code filtration technology effectively removes harmful contaminants, such as lead, chlorine, chloramine, arsenic and other harsh contaminants, based on your cities water data while retaining beneficial minerals for great-tasting, healthy water.

Keep your refrigerator's water and ice dispenser delivering pure, fresh-tasting water and crystal-clear ice. Our easy-to-install filter is optimized to eliminate impurities and unpleasant odors, enhancing the taste and quality of your beverages.

Transform your shower experience with our high-performance shower filter. By reducing harsh chemicals and contaminants, this filter helps to prevent dryness, irritation, and damage to your skin and hair, promoting a healthier, more rejuvenating shower experience.

Comparison Guide

Hydroviv Whole House Bundle
Whole House System
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Hydroviv filters:
Removes lead, chlorine, pesticides, and other harmful contaminants

Whole House:
Removes 96.9% of chlorine, sediment, and needs UV (Ultra Violet) light addon for bacteria/contaminant removal
Yes, connects to your existing faucets, showers, and fridge in under 15 min(for each install)
No, best installed by a licensed plumber or purchases added professional self-install kit(retails $99)
Typically requires:
• Must be installed inside without direct sunlight
• Access to water line
• 15 minute “pre-flush” of system before install
Change filters every 6 months – in just 30 seconds.
Typical Maintenance:
• Pre-filter every 2 months
• Post-filter every 6 months
• UV light (required to remove bacteria and contaminants from your water) every 12 months
• Entire system tank replacement required every 6 years
Whole House Systems requires:
• UV light
• Sediment Pre-Filter
• Storage Tank
• Post-Sediment Filter
• Storage tank replacement
Fast Rate
Really Fast Rate
Whole how systems have higher flow rate per minute due to bigger tank
Depends on the system
Depending on the system, minerals may or may not be taken out
Plumber required, needs routine maintenance
Very Noisey
Can produce a lot of noise due to multi-tank filtration process and high flow rate

Product Highlights

Under Sink FilterRemoves harmful contaminants including arsenic, lead, chromium 6, mercury, pesticides, chlorine, chloramine, PFOA, PFOS, PFAS and many more
Space-saving design frees up counter space and keeps the filter out of sight
Installs in 15 minutes or less with no special tools or experience required. Fits any water faucet connection with our universal standard 3/8" connections
Shower FilterReduced risk of respiratory issues with our shower systems removal of harmful chemicals from your shower water, including chlorine, chloramine, volatile disinfection byproducts , and VOCs. These chemicals can irritate your skin and lungs, and other respiratory problems
Healthier Hair and Skin with the removal of harsh chemcials by our proprietary filter, leaving your hair and skin feeling soft, smooth, and hydrated
Installs in 5 minutes or less with no special tools or experience required. Fits any shower connection.
Refrigerator/Ice Maker Water FilterRemoves harmful contaminants from your fridge water due to our proprietary filters designed to remove a variety of harmful contaminants from your fridge water including chlorine, arsenic, lead, PFAS and many more
Improves the taste and smell of your fridge water caused by chlorine and other contaminants that can give your fridge water a bad taste and smell
Installs in 15 minutes or less with no special tools or experience required. Fits any fridge line connection with our universal standard 1/4" connections



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Couldn't be happier!

Review by Erin McKrellon on 4 Dec 2022

Moved to a new area where, unbeknownst to me, the drinking water is filled with high levels of PFAs. I'm a mom of three and was pregnant when I found out about the "toxic water," needless to say I was a nervous wreck. I was thrilled when I came across Hydroviv. They have been an amazing company to work with. They answered all my questions via email in a timely manner and pulled my local water quality report and told me exactly what toxins their products would filter out of my water supply. I also got peace of mind knowing their products are independently lab tested for effectiveness at removing a lot of different toxins but also PFAs specifically. I bought the Fridge/Ice Maker filter, Under Sink Filter and a couple Shower Head filters. Everything was easy enough to install, and I appreciate that I can sign up for a replacement cartridge subscription; it's almost all too easy! Our water looks better (it's actually clear and not opaque or grainy anymore!) and it tastes SO much better. I'm relieved knowing that my children will be able to grow up drinking safe/healthy water because of Hydroviv. Lifelong customer!

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Hydroviv water filters, under kitchen

Review by Robert Dennard on 23 Oct 2022

Hydroviv water filters, under kitchen sink, fridge ice maker, and also to the shower in both bathrooms. The bathrooms each took about 5 minutes to install, the two in the kitchen each took approximately 15 minutes. A good U.S. company to do business with. They get a copy of your local quality of water report, then build the filter by assessing the report. The water now has a clear sparkle and has a clean, nice, taste.

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Works like a charm!

Review by Pamela Colanderon on 7 Oct 2022

We’ve been Hydroviv customers for our showers, fridge and kitchen sink cold tap. We recently had a water softener sales rep come to the house. While here he tested our cold water tap for hardness, minerals etc. We asked him to also test an bathroom tap for comparison. The unfiltered filtered tap was fairly high on the hardness scale as well as mineral content and other undesirables. The Hydroviv filtered tap hardness dropped into the soft water category as did all the mineral and other undesirable categories as well! I think that says it all! We are very satisfied with all our hydroviv filters! Service is great at all times! We are on their auto-renew schedule which provides excellent discounts on our products for 2 years.

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Well worth it

Review by Sam N. on 13 Jan 2020

After almost 3 decades as a HAZMAT Specialist I understand the importance of clean filtered water. I did my research and believe Hydroviv to be a great choice. Easy to install and great tasting water. I placed Hydroviv on my kitchen sink, fridge and shower.