Water Filter For Coffee Shops & Restaurants

6 Stage, Triple Housing

Water Filter For Coffee Shops & Restaurants

6 Stage, Triple Housing

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After building several of these commercial water purification systems for DC-area offices, coffee shops, restaurants, bars, microbreweries, and microdistilleries in one-off projects, we decided to officially put them on the website.  We are happy to provide references.

Don't be fooled by other restaurant water filter manufacturers that line up 5 or 6 low-performance filtration stages and sell the system as high end. Don't confuse complexity with efficacy or value.

Housing 1 contains a 10 or 20 inch size exclusion cartridge that removes particulates, which allows the cartridge in Housing #2 to perform at a higher level.  The performance of this cartridge is comparable to 2 standard "stages" in systems made by other manufacturers.  The size of this housing will be selected according to which type of size exclusion cartridge best serves your water.

Housing 2 contains a 20 inch custom cartridge that is optimized for the customer's water.  Before formulating this cartridge, a Ph.D. chemist looks at water quality data for your city's water and formulates the cartridge accordingly. The performance of this cartridge is equivalent to 3 standard "stages" made by other manufacturers.

Housing 3 contains a 10 inch Everpure Scalestick cartridge that inhibits formation of hard water scale buildups and prevents corrosion of all downstream equipment.  This restaurant water purification system is ideal for set ups that feed into ice machines, espresso machines, and coffee makers.

If you have specific water quality requests, just reach out (support@hydroviv.com).  We thrive on the weird!

Inlet/Outlet Ports: 3/8"  FPT (Industry Standard)

Typical Operating Specifications:

  • Cartridge Capacity: 10,000 gallons
  • Flow Rate:  4 Gallons Per Minute

5 Year System Warranty includes free gasket replacements.  With this restaurant water filter system the only things you need to replace are the filtration cartridges (lifetime will vary on water usage).

Our 6 stage water filter systems are proudly made in the USA

We don't mean to brag, but we've basically created the holy grail of water filters

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It's not just a water filter, we custom build a solution for you based on your city's water data.