Hydroviv Whole House Water Filter: Sulfur Removal

Hydroviv Whole House Water Filter: Sulfur Removal

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While whole house water purifiers can't be used to fix a lead or chromium 6 problem (those must be addressed at the point of use (e.g. under sink or in line with the fridge's water line), they can be used to fix some problems!  

For example:

Does your water smell like rotten eggs or a sewer?  You have a sulfur problem!  

This whole house sulfur water filter system is purpose-built to improve your water's taste and smell.

Housing 1 contains a 20 inch high capacity graduated size exclusion cartridge that removes a wide range of particulates, which helps "protect" the valuable filtration media in Housing #2.  The performance of this cartridge is comparable to 2 standard "stages" in systems made by other manufacturers.

Housing 2 contains a  20 x 4.5 inch custom cartridge that is optimized for YOUR water.  Before formulating this cartridge, a Ph.D. chemist looks at water quality data for your area's water and formulates the cartridge accordingly. The performance of this cartridge is equivalent to 3 standard "stages" made by other manufacturers.

This system is designed to be installed by a licensed plumber with experience installing whole house systems, upstream of a valve that makes discarding the water used to flush the system.  This sulfur water filter system uses 1 inch inlet/outlet ports to ensure that the flow rate does not exceed 8 GPM.  This is to ensure long enough contact time with filtration media.  Drop us an email (hello@hydroviv.com), and our experts will let you know what to expect in terms of impact on water pressure.  

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Inlet/Outlet Ports:  1 inch FPT (Industry Standard)

Typical Sulfur Water Filter System Operating Specifications:

  • Cartridge Capacity:  30,000 gallons
  • Flow Rate:  8 Gallons Per Minute (max sustained)

5 Year System Warranty includes free gasket replacements.  With this whole house sulfur water filter, the only things you need to replace are the filtration cartridges (lifetime will vary on water usage).

Our whole house water purifier system is proudly made in the USA  (Washington DC).

The sulfur water filter housings may look differently than the photos

We don't mean to brag, but we've basically created the holy grail of water filters

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