Frequently Asked Questions

Water Filter Optimization Process

How Does Hydroviv Optimize Water Filters For My Water?

Do Hydroviv Water Filters Use Reverse Osmosis (RO)?

Filtration Performance & Filtration Technology

Are Hydroviv Filters NSF Certified and Independently Tested?

Do Hydroviv Water Filters Remove GenX & Other PFAS?

Do Hydroviv Water Filters Remove Lead?

Do Hydroviv Water Filters Remove Chromium 6?

What Else Do Hydroviv Filters Remove?

Why Doesn’t Hydroviv Provide Blanket Lists of Contaminants/Percentages Removed?

Does Hydroviv Use Unproven/Unvalidated Filtration Media?

User Reviews

I Know That A Lot Of e-Commerce Companies Pay For User Reviews. Does Hydroviv?

Where Can I Find Real User Reviews?


How Easy Are Hydroviv Water Filters To Install?

Does Hydroviv Offer Installation Services In My Area?

I live In An Apartment. Do Hydroviv Water Filters Connect To My Faucet Or Damage My Plumbing?

What Maintenance Is Recommended?

Replacement Cartridges

How Long Do Hydroviv Water Filter Cartridges Last?

How Will I Know When It's Time To Replace The Cartridge?

How Long Does It Take To Replace A Cartridge?

Can I Sign Up To Have Replacement Filters Automatically Sent To Me When It's Time To Change The Cartridge?


Why Can't I Buy Hydroviv Water Filters At Big Box Stores or General Purpose Marketplaces?

What Are Lead Times?

Will I Get A Tracking Number?

What Is Hydroviv's Return Policy?

What If I Want To Give A Filter As A Gift?

How Can I Contact Hydroviv?

How Do I Reach A Human?