Advanced Undersink Drinking Water Filters

Advanced Undersink
Drinking Water Filters

The Only Water Filter Optimized For Your City's Tap Water

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Your Home's Water. Better.

Your Home's Water. Better.

Filter Connects To Your Existing Faucet. Screw On Connections. No Plumbing Experience Needed

Are There Problems With Your City's Water?

Are There Problems With Your City's Water?

Our Experts Dig Into The Data So You Don't Have To


Why You'll Love Tailored Tapwater

Optimized For YOUR City
Our Experts Assess Your City's Water And Optimize The Filter Accordingly (All Systems Protect Against Lead)
Easiest Installation
Tailored Tapwater Is Installed On Your Existing Faucet In Under 30 Minutes. No Plumbing Experience Necessary
Affordable Replacement Filters
Don't get gouged on costly replacement filters. Our systems provide worry-free water on demand for $10 per month

How Hydroviv Water Filters Are Different:

Tailored Tapwater Filtration System (Easy Self-Installation Kit)
  • Optimized For Your Water!

    Hydroviv's experts make the only filters optimized for YOUR city's water

  • Built By Humans!

    Mass produced? No way! Our systems are built to order in our Washington DC facility

  • Screw-On Connections!

    If you can connect a garden hose, you can handle the installation.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed!

    If you're not happy, we'll even cover return shipping. We're that confident.

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Click Here To Watch Installation Process (2 minute video)

See What Our Users Say!

Our Users Love Us And Aren't Afraid to Let The World Know!

"I've wanted something like this for a while! Thanks for Making it easy!"
"Tastes great and now I use filtered water for cooking and drinking. Woohoo!"
"An absolute necessity for every residence and business in every city, everywhere."
"I salute you for your dedication and commitment to providing citizens of Flint water filters!"