Can Hydroviv Filters Be Used In Apartments & Condos?


Just because you live in an apartment or condo doesn’t mean that you should be forced to use ineffective pitcher or fridge filters. This article talks about the things that we took into account when designing Hydroviv's Under Sink Water Filter so it can be used by anyone!

Universal Connections

Most people can't or don’t want to change out their kitchen’s fixtures, so you’ll want to make sure that your water filter connects to the existing faucet and cold water valve with universal faucet connections. All faucets in the US use a 3/8” compression fitting to connect to the cold-water shutoff valve, so make sure that the inlet and outlets use that size connection.


Many apartments and condos in cities like New York City or Washington, DC have smaller under sink spaces than what are found in larger homes. When you are shopping for water filters, you’ll need to take size into account, especially if your unit has a garbage disposal that takes up a bunch of space under your sink. Most reverse osmosis systems are bulky and have large storage tanks, and will not fit under the sink of many apartments. The compact design of Hydroviv's Under Sink Water Filter is small enough to be used in the smallest spaces!

Deposit Considerations

Many water filtration systems for apartments require that you drill a hole in your drain line, or that you drill a hole in your counter top. Obviously, if you do either of those things, you won’t get your deposit back, so most people don’t opt for reverse osmosis systems that require a drilled connection to your drain. Hydroviv's Under Sink Water Filter connects directly to your existing faucet, using screw-on, screw-off connections.


If you're not sure that you'll be at your place forever, you'll want to make sure that the water filter can move with you. Make sure that your apartment water filter uninstalls very easily, so you don’t leave it behind in the frantic move out!

Hydroviv’s Under Sink Water Filters are engineered with people who live in apartments and condos in mind. It’s a no-compromise water filter (filters things like lead, PFAS, and chromium 6), but it’s designed for small spaces. Its housing fits in small spaces and connects to existing faucets with screw on, screw off connections in 15 minutes. No plumbing experience needed, and we provide an easy water filter installation guide to help you along the way. When it’s time to move, Hydroviv apartment water filters can be pulled in about 5 minutes, and the unit’s plumbing can be put back to how it was when you got there.

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