Error Found In Media Coverage Of Hydroviv's Flint Donation Program

Eric Roy @ 2019-11-21

Hey Everyone,

I needed to take a break from prepping for Black Friday/Cyber Monday because I found some media coverage that had some errors in it, and I wanted to take a moment to set the record straight on our website, because it’s important.  

I came across an article tonight where there was an inaccurate figure about the number of filters that Hydroviv (which was just me at the time) donated to Flint.  The article (which was published right before our episode aired) put this number incorrectly put this number at 1000. The real number is somewhere between 100 and 200 (our record keeping is poor from 2015).  Unfortunately, other articles published after the Shark Tank episode repeated the incorrect number.  I've reached out to the authors in an attempt to get them to correct it.  

While I’m here, I also wanted to also clarify a couple minor things.

  • When I was talking about a lab in the kitchen/bathroom, we’re talking about a prototyping lab where we refined the design of the under sink filtration systems, not a wet chemistry lab using hazardous chemicals.  Operating a chemistry lab in the bathroom would be unsafe and illegal.
  • I was working for a company that developed technology for DoD and First Responders, not active duty military.  
  • The person who tipped me off to Flint was retired EPA, not actively employed by the agency.
  • Hydroviv was started in July 2015, not June 2015.

While we're thrilled that Hydroviv has grown to be a real company now and have the capacity to partner with an amazing activist and make an actual impact with water filter donations (whose reach is well-over 1000 filters), we have no desire to overstate the scope of grassroots donation program that got Hydroviv started.