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We are a boutique water filtration company that uses data to optimize water filters for each customer's water.   We look at the water's source, susceptibility to contamination, treatment procedure, city infrastructure, and history of past violations before we build each system. Our experts then monitor your city's water quality to make sure that nothing changes.  Simply put, you're in good hands!

If your water requires something that we cannot build cost-effectively, we will point you to the best available solution offered by a competitor.  That's our promise.

Our headquarters are located in the heart of Washington DC's H Street District, and we collaborate with like-minded subject matter experts across the United States.  

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Our Values

While we are proud of what we stand for, we tend not to put these things "front & center" because we do not want to give the illusion that we are comprimising from our core goal of building the best water filters.  With that said, there are certain values that support our core mission.

Commitment to Providing Good Information

Our Scientific Founder, Dr. Eric Roy, is a Ph.D. Chemist that has spent his career developing water-focused technologies for US Department of Defense, US Environmental Protection Agency, National Science Foundation (NSF), municipalities, and the private sector.  Dr. Roy also shares his experience articles written in our  Water Smarts) blog/eMagazine.  We take our credibility seriously, and pledge to provide the most credible information that we can.  If you're looking for conspiracy theory stuff, you've come to the wrong place!


Hydroviv was born from a charitable effort.  Our #FiltersForFlint program was recognized by The Chicago Tribune for donating water filtration systems to the people of Flint months before nationwide media coverage.  We continue to support the people of Flint, as well as other disadvantaged families in Washington, DC.

Commitment to Community 

Keeping everything in house allows us to maintain strict quality standards and ensures that our custom systems are delivered soon after receiving the order. We assemble our systems in our Washington DC facility and we buy all components from suppliers that meet our standards for quality.

Environmental Stewardship

We quietly do much more than anyone else in our industry.  For example, our shipping packaging (including packing tape) is biodegradable and compostable.  We continuously optimize and improve our shipping boxes, which has led to an 85% reduction in packing fill use.

Industrial Partnerships & Collaborations

While our core focus in on residential water filtration systems, we also collaborate with small businesses to offer high-performance filtration solutions that are not otherwise available to businesses their size.  

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