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The whole story begins with you.

( & Flint, Michigan )

Hydroviv was founded and began developing. building & donating high capacity lead removal filters to impacted families and child-centric organizations after rumors of an unreported lead problems began in Flint, Michigan. We recognized that the consumer-grade filters that would be distributed to Flint residents would fail prematurely.

Why? Because they weren't designed to handle the high lead levels found in Flint's water. That's where we came in.

Hydroviv process

What we do now.

Much like what we did for the Flint response, we use water quality data to optimize our home and commercial water filters for each customer's water.

For each system we sell, we generate a water quality "fingerprint" by pulling together water quality data from local, county, state, and federal databases, which allows us to identify contaminants and susceptibilities. We build each system at our Washington, DC facility (above) with the ideal formula of NSF-certified filtration media. Our experts continue to monitor your city's water quality to make sure that nothing changes, and send out a new cartridge if an adjustment needs to be made to your filter (for free of course).

Long story short.... we've got your back

Clean water

The power of clean water.

We take our credibility seriously, so if you're looking for conspiracy theories or junk science, you've come to the wrong place!

We believe credible Water Quality & Water Filtration information needs to be freely available - that's why our Water Nerds combat pseudoscience by writing articles and producing videos on water quality on our blog and YouTube Channel.


Hydroviv was born from a charitable effort. Our #FiltersForFlint program was recognized by The Chicago Tribune in 2015 for donating water filters with an extra high capacity for lead to the people of Flint months before nationwide media coverage. We continue to support the people of Flint, as well as other disadvantaged families in Washington, DC.

Chicago Tribune
Clean water

Environmental Stewardship

We quietly do much more than anyone else in our industry.

For example, our shipping packaging (including packing tape) is biodegradable and compostable. We continuously optimize and improve our shipping boxes, which has led to an 85% reduction in packing fill use.

Environmentally friendly