Why should I let Hydroviv's Water Nerds build me a custom filter?

Why should I let Hydroviv's Water Nerds build me a custom filter?

Have you ever traveled to a different city and noticed that the water tastes different? That’s because the water chemistry is different, and more importantly, the problems present in the water are different too.

Around the country, tens of millions of U.S. households have contaminants in their water that exceed public health goals, but the individual contaminants vary significantly state by state and even zip code by zip code. The issues in your water can be impacted by a variety of factors including the age of your home and city’s infrastructure, the natural geology of the region, and your water source's proximity to industrial sites, farms and military bases. Cities with older infrastructure like Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Jackson, Mississippi, for example, face issues with lead contamination, while new developments in the American Southwest may be lead-free, but record unsafe concentrations of arsenic.

Our Water Nerds lend their expertise in science, policy, toxicology, and engineering to create personalized water filters for each of our customers.  It's what we do.

    When building personalized water filters, our Water Nerds:

    • Analyze millions of water quality measurements from local, county, state, federal, academic, and our own test databases
    • Cross reference these data with the latest toxicology thresholds (not outdated regulatory limits)
    • Select filtration media that fixes the problems found in your water (dirty secret: not all types of filtration media work in all types of water)
    • Build a customized filtration system that is specifically optimized for the problems with your water.

    The result is a hyper-targeted water filter, built by experts, and backed by science.  

    If you're interested in learning more about about our personalized filters and getting the best solution for your water you can click here.