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  • Designed by a Ph.D. Chemist
  • Installs in Just 15 Minutes
  • NSF Certified for Peace of Mind
  • Effective Against PFAS, Lead, Arsenic and More
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Save Up To 60% Sitewide
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Is your water filter effective against:

PFAS Lead Chromium 6 Arsenic Synthetic Chemicals Chlorine

Did you know

PFAS and chromium 6 are known to cause cancer but are not regulated by EPA.

Hydroviv filters them

 "It's just plain wrong that most water filter companies rely on scare tactics and marketing gimmicks to sell their products, instead of science. Hydroviv exists to help people cut through the scientific jargon so they can better understand their water, and to help them lower their risk and protect their families."

Dr. Eric roy, founder